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Vrinda Gleeson

Exhibition Title: Am I Dancing Alone?

Vrinda states, “in a globalised world it is hard to confidently say we know who we are. Although I have spent many years living between Australia and India as a child and an adult, I have recently became aware I do not strongly identify with either culture. When I visited India in 2017 I was interested in finally exploring my incomprehensible relationship with India. This project took the form of ritually observing the daily life around me, hoping that the act of observing could facilitate and explore cultural empathy.”

Vrinda says, she responded most strongly to people in motion - at work, at life or at play. By using watercolor and gouache she was able to paint quickly inside and outside. It was the quick, delicate nature of these materials that helped her create small studies almost daily. She says the residents of Vrindavan (Vrajbasis) are well known for being Krishna devotees, the deity Krishna quite literally being their life and soul.

Vrinda states, “although we may identify with being a woman, an Indian or a dancer, a Vrajbasi believes we are also never ‘dancing alone’, that we may or may not relate to one another on a social or cultural level yet beyond that, we are related on a spirit level. These work celebrate the women, the Vrajbasis and the dancers of India, but also considers their way of thinking, that we might not be as simple and separate as we believe.”

Later Event: April 4
Aetomah School