“Art is the heart of the Caldera.”

A message from the Art Post Team.

Art Post Uki feels compelled to issue a warning to all those establishments who use their space to sell and promote the work of local artists.

Art Post Uki has been notified by Tweed Shire Council that to continue running their small regular Art Exhibitions at the Uki Post Office, they must now apply to Council for a Development Application (DA). A DA is a formal request for consent to carry out proposed development, such as change of use of land and subdivide land etc. This can be a very expensive and tedious process which may make our non-for-profit art project unviable. This has come about because of a complaint made to Council.

Since receiving notice of the singular complaint, Postmaster Gary Wall has had a number of meetings with local councillors, town planners and commercial lawyers about his rights as a business operator in the village.  Being advised by council that there must be a DA in place for has had a serious impact on the future of the vibrant and well accepted community based exhibitions.  And if a DA becomes a legal requirement then it will have a potentially damaging flow on effect on all establishments who sell and promote the work of local artists throughout the Tweed Shire. 

The quality of art and the region’s local artists attracts visitors and tourists from everywhere - art is the heart of the Caldera.  It’s what makes the area so special and so well known.  Tweed Shire Council must now answer questions that will be raised not only by Art Post Uki but by all owners and operators - including the Murwillumbah Art Trail - of small cafes, restaurants and specialised venues.  Please consider how this ruling might affect you.

If you wish to contact Art Post Uki or the Tweed Shire Council to express your concern or support you can send emails or texts using the details below under the heading ‘What can you do’.

Thank you, Gary Wall, Uki Post Master

Our transparency

It is our duty to provide you with transparency of the information to what we refer.

The letter from Council

This is the letter we received from the council regarding our non-compliance with regards to Art Post Uki.

Our Letter to Council

We sent the letter below to several Councillors at the Tweed Shire Council on the 29th January 2019.

What can you do?

Suggested questions to ask Council

  • What is the cost to community?

  • How can we as a community work together with the Council to achieve our vision?


Click here to be redirected to the Tweed Shire Council’s website where you will find contact details of the seven councillor’s. Write to all of them about your concern.


Click here to be redirected to the Tweed Shire Council’s contact page on their website. Talk to them about your concern.


Please find the address below should you wish to write a letter to the Council. Complimentary stamps for this purpose are provided at the Uki Post Office. Write to them about your concern.

Tweed Shire Council
PO Box 816
Murwillumbah NSW 2484

Thank you

The mission of Art Post Uki has always been, to build community and engage visitors. Since our first exhibition in February 2018, we have raised over $11,500 for local artists. 

As reported in the latest edition of the Byron Art Magazine (BAM), Post Master Gary says “We forget to live in the present moment. Art helps us to stop, look and see how we’re feeling. I never thought you could build community with art, and everyone here builds it. It’s not one person, its everyone.” Read the whole article here.

Art Post Uki will go on with your help. We need to act now.

Keep in contact via our social media channels, newsletter or by emailing us at art@artpostuki.com