A surprising place for surprising art.

Art Post Uki is a gallery space dedicated to showing the work of artists from Uki and surrounding areas in what is a truly unusual venue, the heritage-listed Uki Post Office.  The exhibitions are curated by an independent panel including a local artist, with a mission to build community and engage visitors.

Aetaomah School’s Exhibition.

Aetaomah School’s Exhibition.

Aetaomah School

Aetaomah, is a small school, kindergarten to year 8, based on the educational work of Dr Rudolf Steiner. They are nestled in the picturesque hills below Mt Warning, 10km south-west of Uki, beside the upper reaches of the Tweed River.

Aetaomah, educates through the arts and imagination, by making things, enjoying outdoor activities and agriculture; in this way they believe they can creatively inspire the inquiring mind, delicately foster the child’s emerging thinking, care for the physical and emotional health and nurture social and leadership skills

Aetaomah School is exhibiting at the Uki Post Office until 1 May 2019. 


UKI ARTISTS: Susan Kinneally

Exhibition Title: Grevilleas, Bandicoots and Snake Charmers

From 2 May 2019

Uki Post Office, 1464 Kyogle Road, Uki